Thursday, 28 June 2012

Winter is offically come in Melbourne. Luckily, the Sun came out in past few day, we felt warmer in these cold and windy Day.
This orange jumper  was chose because i want to make some shineing  colour between gray and light yellow.

My lovely new ankle boots 

                                                                   Happy *Friday*
                        Weekend is coming, can't wait for it and I'm already make some plan.
                                                Thank you for visit, and see you soon

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Thursday, 21 June 2012


ZARA basic (China),  Levis Jean (bought 3 ys ago), Asos cardigan  

This is one of my favorite look combine simple and comfort.  A T-shirt like this is necessity for every girls, there are easy to mix and match with skirts or jean. This Levis Jean was bought 3 years ago. the real colours was gone but even look better than before.
  Living in China for almost 20 years, sometimes is just kind of difficult for me to organise what i really want to say in my mind in English. LOL...that is why i also have another blog in Chinese,

  whatever, at least  i will try to post as soon as possible, thank you for visit.